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The Two Trumpets and the Two Witnesses

So I was reading in Numbers on the Two Trumpets the other day and I wanted to share what I found with you guys. And it has to do with the connection with the two trumpets, the two witnesses, and the Gospel message. So let’s take a look.

And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: “Make two silver trumpets for yourself; you shall make them of hammered work; you shall use them for calling the congregation and for directing the movement of the camps. When they blow both of them, all the congregation shall gather before you at the door of the tabernacle of meeting.

Numbers 10:1‭-‬3 NKJV

So this first passage is going to focus on the two trumpets and what happens when you blow both of them. When they are both blown, they call the congregation to gather before Moses at the door of the tabernacle of meeting. And in the same way, the two witnesses are sent to call people to return to God and to His Son Jesus.

And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.”

Revelation 11:3 NKJV

Now let’s look at how the blowing of the trumpets can respresent the gospel message.

When you sound the advance, the camps that lie on the east side shall then begin their journey. When you sound the advance the second time, then the camps that lie on the south side shall begin their journey; they shall sound the call for them to begin their journeys.

Numbers 10:5‭-‬6 NKJV

So if we look at the first call, the camp on the east will begin there journey. But what camp is on the East?

On the east side, toward the rising of the sun, those of the standard of the forces with Judah shall camp according to their armies; and Nahshon the son of Amminadab shall  be the leader of the children of Judah.”

Numbers 2:3 NKJV

The camp on the East side is the camp of Judah, but camped with Judah is also Zebulun and Issachar. Now if we look at what all those names mean, it may give us hint at what exactly this camp may represent. Judah means praise in Hebrew. Zebulun means dwelling or habitation. Issachar means reward or recompense. So if we look at these camps together, there is a theme of habitation, reward, and praise. And when we know that Jesus came from the camp of Judah we know that He had habitation with us, for our reward and praise. And the fact that the first trumpet moved the camp of Judah first makes sense because Jesus came to the Jew first and then to the Gentile. And now let’s look at the camp to the south which is called by the second trumpet blast.

“On the south side shall  be the standard of the forces with Reuben according to their armies, and the leader of the children of Reuben shall  be Elizur the son of Shedeur.” And his army was numbered at forty-six thousand five hundred.

Numbers 2:10‭-‬11 NKJV

And if we look at all those that are in the southern camp there is Reuben, Simeon, and Gad. The meaning of Reuben is behold a son, the meaning of simeon is obedient, and the meaning of Gad is fortune. So we can see this as, behold a son, who is full of obedience and fortune. And this is symbolic of the Church who is to be full of obedience to Christ and full of the fortune of the New Covenant.

I hope you guys like this blog post, it was fun writing it and discovering a cool message here. If you guys did like it, make sure to share on social media. And if you want to sow into my ministry, you can do that here. Thanks! Jesus is the Way!

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