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The Bible: A Case File for Jesus

The other day I was talking with a brother and we were discussing the Word together. And while we were discussing, I had a revelation about the Word and what it really is. So I want to share that with you guys today because I feel it may be an important faith builder. Let’s check it out.

So in the past couple of posts we have gone over many stories in the Old Testament that show an interesting connection to the cross of Jesus Christ. And that is actually a very common occurance in the Old Testament. So much so that when I was talking to my buddy about it, I felt that God was giving me revelation on the subject. But first we have to understand the full story of the gospel. So let me just rehash some of the story of the Bible.

So the story of mankind goes something like this, God created the heavens and the earth. And on Earth, God placed mankind. A creation made in His image and one that was to rule over the earth and have dominion on it. God placed a special place on Earth called the Garden of Eden. In Eden, there were many trees and things to eat. But God placed a certain tree that man was not allowed to eat. That was the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. Now while Man was in the Garden, a serpent came and tempted them to eat of the forbidden tree. And they gave in to the temptation. And, now with the knowledge of Good and Evil, they hid themselves from God. So God cast them out of the Garden, and thus began the story of man without God. So mankind grew more evil and cruel as they were separated from God. But God had already made a plan to redeem mankind. From the very beginning after the fall of mankind in the garden, He spoke a prophecy to the serpent. He said that the seed of the woman (Eve) would crush the head of the serpent. And this was speaking of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So as the years went by we inched closer to the revealing of Jesus. Now everything during that time was for what purpose? If mankind was to be redeemed by a child of Eve, why would God wait so long? Well here is the problem. Mankind has been enslaved by a rebel force. And the main way that force keeps us enslaved is by keeping us in the dark, and using deception to control mankind. Not only that but God is dealing with people that have free will. This means that He must convince people to be saved rather than forcing them. So how would God go about convincing people of His son? He would have to not only bring His Son into the world through a human woman, and then He would have to convince the world that His Son was in fact the Son of God. Now this would all have to happen while tons of deception is going on. So God actually has to put together a case for His Son. And this is where the Bible comes in. You see, Jesus is actually called the Word of God. And we in fact have the Word of God with us all the time. It is called the Bible. So when you read the Bible, you are reading about Jesus. This book, is the evidence for Jesus. Every prophecy, every story points back to Christ in some way. And this was carefully orchestrated and put together by the Holy Spirit moving through men. This is why Jesus came when He did. So that He would have evidence for Himself being the Messiah and savior of Mankind. Otherwise the enemy would lie again and lead men away from Jesus. So next time you look at your Bible, realize that you are looking at the Case for Jesus Christ. You are looking at the grand plan of the Father to bring evidence for His Son and what Jesus did for humanity at the cross.

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